Pars Lian Arvand Company/The partner laboratory of standard of Tehran Province

Knowledge based Pars Lian Arvand Company started its activity in 1386 as a partner laboratory of the National Standard Organization in the General Administration of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Khorramshahr. This company, With regard to the use of professional specialists and valuable experiences of the founders, this company has been able to establish 5 branches throughout Iran to provide its quality control services in relation to the establishment of various laboratories in the field of determining the nature of petroleum products , textile and cellulose products, food, and cosmetics. andsanitary, etc., and also to check the supply of export, import and internal production needs of the standard departments, customs of the country and production units.


Our laboratories

Petroleum Products Laboratory

Textile and Cellulose Laboratory

Determine the nature

Laboratory of glass, porcelain, ceramic and tableware

Laboratory of crude and edible oils

Laboratory of Precious Metals

Chemical laboratory

Food Lab

Microbial Laboratory

our services

Oil condition analysis and monitoring

Perform specialized tests

Inspection and sampling

Repair and manufacture of equipment

Advice and training

Test steps


Sample acceptance

At first, the sample is received, coded and registered according to the approved instructions, and after confirmation of the technical management, the invoice is sent.

Perform the test

The relevant expert will be identified and referred according to the applicant's request for the test.

Test review

The results obtained are reviewed and approved by the technical manager.

Test result

The final results of the test are delivered for admission and then the applicant.
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