Chemical laboratory

ParsLianArvand company launched its chemical laboratory with the aim of quality control of export, import and domestic production of chemicals . This laboratory uses advanced equipment and experienced staff in the field

Health product tests

  • All kinds of soaps
  • Types of tooth paste
  • Various cleaners and detergents
  • Types of shampoo
  • All kinds of detergent powders
  • Types of toilets

Tests of cosmetic products

  • Types of creams
  • Types of eyeliner and lips
  • All kinds of perfumes and colognes
  • Types of shadows
  • Types of cleaners and detergents
  • Hair color and activist activities.


Obtaining the ISO/IEC 17025 certificate with the scope of 21 tests is a confirmation of the correctness and accuracy of the services of this laboratory.

Test Method TitleIran International StandardTest Method NumberDownload
Ceramic, terra cotta tablewares– Definitions, Classification, Specifications and Test methodsINSO 3050 Download
Surface active agents-Determination of 1.4 dioxane content in alkyl-ethoxy-sulfate products by distillation and gas chromatography Sodium Lauryl Ether sulphate for cosmetic and detergents specification and test methods16201 INSO 6835 ISIRIDownload
Cologne- Specifications and Test Melhods1022 ISIRIDownload
Oxidation Hiar Dyes Liquid Specification And Test Methods6619 ISIRIDownload
Baby shin powder Specifications and Test MelhodsISIRI 1203Download
Detergent powders-Washing machine laundry detergent powders – Specifications and test methods2040 INSODownload
Detergents-Bowl cleaner –Acidic liquid- Specifications and test methodsINSO 3643Download
Liquid oven cleanersspecifications and test methodsINSO 6071Download
Detergents-Glass Cleaner -Specifications and test methodsINSO 3305Download
Sodium hypochlorite solution-SpecificationsINSO 2361Download